Friday, 23 December 2016

Why Moving Boxes Should Be Preferred Over Grocery Boxes

Box is the first line of defense for any item that you are moving or shipping. To get a box, you may walk towards a grocery store but it usually turns out to be the big mistake.

There is a big quality difference between the grocery store boxes and moving cardboard boxes. The grocery store boxes are made to store the expired items or the items that need to be recycled. Durability, existence of extra layers and quality are features that are present in the moving or shipping boxes. Below are the two image of both types of boxes to visually illustrate the difference.

And the image of cardboard moving box,

If you are in the process of deciding what box to purchase, the brief guide described below may serve as a must-read for you to decide what really to go for.

Cleanliness of boxes
When you buy new moving boxes from moving company, you will always find them clean because they have never been used.

On the other hand, the grocery store boxes may look clean at the first glance but most of the boxes give an odor from which you can assume with surety that it is affected by some kind of liquid that would have spilled. This odor of dried liquid may attract the pests and other factors that damage a box. Furthermore, you cannot be sure if the box had been extracted from a recycling area or a place where trash is thrown.

Strength is another deciding factor that serves as a difference between grocery store boxes and moving boxes. Furthermore, different types of moving boxes provide protection right according to the requirement of the items that are put inside. For instance, the moving box which is used to contain heavy and big items usually has strong base. Wardrobe boxes have strength in the upper area where clothes are hung. With grocery store boxes, you cannot tell in a definite way about where these boxes would provide safety and where would they fail.

Sizes according to standards
Moving boxes have uniform size according to the sizing standards. This uniformity of sizes is the factor that can help you make clear estimate about the volume your items will be sharing in a truckload.

On the other hand, the grocery store boxes are always of different sizes.

Ease in labeling
The moving boxes are always blank; i.e. they do not have anything printed on the outer and inner surface. It means that extensive labeling that you need to apply to the boxes is not going to create any kind of confusion for the shippers and handlers. On the other hand, grocery store boxes usually have lots of printed stuff on them. Hence, there will always be great confusion if the labels on these printed areas are to be read.

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